About Me


Hi there! My name is Anja Baš. In Slovenia, most people recognize me as a singer-songwriter. 

I’ve been present both as a studio and live artist. Nowadays I am a solo singing artist, devoted to performing and writing music and lyrics for myself as well as other Slovenian singers. In March 2015 I released my debut solo album »Punca iz Tvoje Ulice« (The Girl Next Door).

You can find my music here.

My music is mostly inspired by a victory over an eating disorder in my teenage years. Being unable to quit, I led a destructive, bulimic lifestyle for almost ten years. Singing was literally the only thing I lived for during that time. I forcefully decided to get well in the moment I realized that the damage from bulimia was negatively influencing my ability to sing.

In December 2015 I decided to release my autobiography called »Lačna življenja« (literally, “Hungry for Life”; but the official English translation is titled »Diet. Binge. Puke. Repeat.«). As you might have already guessed, the book is about my battle with bulimia.

The book drew a lot of media interest and unexpectedly became a commercial success, being presented on the national and many commercial television and radio stations, numerous magazines and newspapers. The media response was huge, and numerous inspired readers reached to me with their praise and support. All this made me decide to have the book translated into English so that I could also share my story with a larger audience and try to help all those whose battles with eating disorders still carry on.

I also hold workshops for primary and secondary school pupils and their parents in which I speak about my personal experience with bulimia.