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“Anja’s amazing transformation gave me unspeakable inner power to get my life on track once again.”

“I was hungry for this book. I expected it long before it was written. After I wrote my book about the struggle with anorexia, I hoped to see another book on eating disorders from a personal point of view. I am so grateful for your book! It reminded me of how much pain we are able to cause to ourselves and that no one can hurt us like we can hurt ourselves. But most of all, I was reminded that no one else can LOVE us like we can love ourselves. Anja, a big compliment to your book! It contributes to the understanding of eating disorders in a compassionate way, without unnecessary condemnations. You can be proud of yourself! You will, I believe, feed a lot of people with your story, alleviate feelings of loneliness and show that no matter the problems we have – it’s important that we address them in a self-friendly manner. I want you to really enjoy your life! And that you love yourself completely – because you deserve it! “

“I’m not a really avid reader (quite the opposite) but your story completely took me over. I can’t believe the extent to which my childhood resembles yours. I was considered a weirdo, too and was therefore socially excluded, too. Although I’m no longer a teenager, it still hurts to be misunderstood, as I fit no society molds. But it pleases me to see other weirdos just like me, who are happy and at peace with who they are!”

“Dear Anja! Your book was of immense help to my daughter. She’s so much better these days – she gained some weight and stopped puking. Thank you for everything!”

“Anja, I read your book. Wow .. what a great book!! It shows a different point of view and a lot to think about. It’s pretty awesome! You deserve respect for getting well and for your willingness to share your story with the rest of us!”
Mary Ann

“I believe that writing a book so personal can be therapeutic. It’s really readable, I read it in a single day.  I like the roughness of your book, I like that you show all your uncensored, unembellished arrogance of the time. I guess it must really be a challenge, to share something so personal with the whole world.”

“I read the book in one thirsty gulp. It’s crazy – I identified myself with Anja’s story – and I never even had eating disorders!”

“I’d like to recommend this book to every parent who cares about their growing children.”

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